There are so many lives to live in one… it’s never too late!

We are a boutique company based in Orpington, London, passionate about unique, hand-crafted scarves. Our journey began in three different parts of the world…


Bhupinder, a cheerful, warm-hearted house-wife, in her late 50’s in Amritsar, Punjab, was looking to make a meaningful difference to the community around her. Her sons had left the nest, husband was retired, and finally she found herself with the time to pursue her hobbies.Read More

Manwara, a shy, loving, house-wife in her late 60’s in a village in West Bengal, was seeking ways to keep busy and contribute to the community. After her husband passed away, and daughter left the nest, she discovered she could use her embroidery skills, learnt from her mother. Read More

Mann, a musician and an MBA graduate from Manchester Business School, UK, wants to revive the best of traditional, rich cultures blended with modern interpretations.

Piu, a sculptor and an MBA graduate, based in London, is devoted to handcrafts. No factory-made products for her… Piu’s house is adorned with beautiful hand-made pieces from around the world.

Mann and Piu have been involved in organising small, local charity events. Naturally, they thought of hand-made products for their first venture… and here Surrealz was born!

The Surrealz Experience

Surrealz is a way of life!

Surrealz offers a unique consumer experience. One that connects the consumer with – the rich cultural heritage and crafts of faraway places, natural products, and the artist and a small part of their life story.

Inspired by people and places, we promote prized crafts and traditional methods from different cultures. Some of these crafts and traditional ways of life are fading away in many parts of the world due to lack of awareness, patronage or changes in lifestyles.

We are committed to natural materials that are sustainable and sustainably sourced. For example, our textiles are the finest silks, cotton and yarns using timeless textile extraction, printing and weaving techniques. We love the texture of our tussar and raw silks, which are made from cocoons collected from the forest rather than cultivated.

Surrealz supports artisans through the sale of their products … a dignified work in some regions where violence, drugs and sex trafficking is prevalent. Bringing the artisan’s crafts to markets which are beyond their reach and removing middlemen, we promote empowerment, not servitude.

We work with partners in the UK and abroad, who adhere to the same values and are using their talents to develop our culture and local economies.

Our artists take pride in their creations, as do the owners who use them. We hope you will appreciate this excellent craftsmanship and feel connected …with the culturally-rich art-form of a community, the artist, their aspirations, and empowerment … through your contribution towards supporting their livelihood.

The number of families we can impact depends greatly on your support.