Axis deer (or Spotted deer or Chital deer) is often considered to be the most beautiful of deer, with a striking reddish-brown coat, marked with rows of white spots along the side of the body. The under-parts of the body are white. The deer retains its white spots throughout its life.

Axis deer skins are highly prized as exotic hides for their striking coat. Used as accent pieces, axis deer hides add an understated touch of luxury to any space.  The finest and largest ones are rare and there is usually a large backlog of orders for the best hides.

These deer are native to India and commonly inhabit wooded regions of the Indian subcontinent. They were introduced to the Hawaii islands in the 1860s and the Texas hill country in the 1930s. They are sturdy deer that thrive in the Texas climate and land that is similar to India.

As these deer grew in numbers, they began to destroy crops planted for domestic livestock, drove the native white-tailed deer away and became a nuisance to farmers.  Therefore, their numbers are controlled now with hunting.

Axis deers are listed by the IUCN as Least Concern “because it occurs over a very wide range within which there are many large populations.”  The Axis deer are not harvested for their hides. They are primarily harvested for their venison, which is considered to be amongst the best tasting wild game meats.  Hides are just a by-product of the process.

We source our deer hides from the US. Our supplier is licensed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. All hides are declared and inspected for export from the US and import into the UK.

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