How do you differentiate between the scarves you but for yourself or someone special / loved ones?

Do you know some artisans spends weeks and months to create that special piece of art in the form of scarf for you?

Let’s change the perspective again about scarves. Scarves used to be a piece of art that people used to make with hands doing different kinds of hand-made embroidery. Unfortunately, with the advent of machines, the various arts of making handmade scarves started dwindling.

We at Surrealz are trying to preserve that art by reintroducing the essence of real scarves that are handmase using arts like kantha and fulkari work.

Surrealz Scarves are one of its kind – extremely sophisticated, posh and intricate using materials that are warm (Pashmina / Amritsar Wool) for winters and cool (original silk).

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